Want to master Front-Lever?

Every thing you must know to master a front lever.


the program includes

  • A comprehensive guide covering front lever technique, how you should practice, exercise progressions, and more.
  • Featured Topics Include:
    • Front Lever Progressions
    • Warming up for front lever training
    • A systematic breakdown of front lever technique
    • Tutorials for each exercise
  • Programs for the following ability levels and goals:
    • Beginner –For those who cannot yet hold the tuck front lever for 20 seconds
    • Intermediate –For those who can hold the tuck front lever for 20+ seconds and do at least five tuck lever raises
    • Advanced –For advanced athletes who can hold the advanced tuck front lever or greater and are working toward lever pull-ups
  • Receive your Program and optimize your progress: save time and avoid injuries to best achieve your goals.
  • $30



Frequently Asked Questions

Front Lever requires a pull-up bar or rings. Resistance bands from light to heavy are also needed.

10 Pull-Ups are the requirements.
Not strong enough yet?

Bigger arms, shoulders and chest are guaranteed with our optimal front lever program.

Develop your arm, back, and core muscles while learning an impressive display of bodyweight strength – the front lever!
The front lever is a challenging skill and intelligent programming is the key to achieving it.

Imagine being able to hold your body horizontally while hanging from a bar. This program will teach you the method to do exactly that. Build functional muscle, burn fat, and develop extraordinary strength using your own bodyweight. The front lever also trains opposing muscles to the planche and back lever and is a great way to promote structural balance while pursuing these skills.


Federico Coletta

So good Thanks. Some exercises i never saw before.

Noah Andrews

The big thing about front lever program is the structure of the exercise and different methods. I made really big improvement on my holds and planche in general.

Tristan Parsons

Using this front lever program, I've made more progress in the last month than I have in a year trying it on my own.

Ewan Hill

There is clearly a lot of research, both from practical experience as well as scientific data, gone into this book. But at the same time it is easy to read and understand.